Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin


Training Description:

UEWA is training course that covers UniFi series device and Indoor WiFi Deployments By the end of this trainig course students should be able to plan, design and deploy robust, high dense Wireless deployments based on UniFi series devices.

Target audience:

Wireless Enginners, System integrators, Professionals that plan to deploy UniFi based networks Course prerequisites: The student must have a laptop capable of running UniFi Controller and RJ45 Ethernet port


After training student can attempt official Ubiquiti Exam and can get Official Ubiquiti Certificate

Training agenda:

  • RF Principals
    • Frequency and wavelength
    • Radio bands and propagations
    • 802.11 modulations and coding
    • Importance of WiFi antennas
    • Signals, RSSI and SNR
  • UniFi Controller
    • Instalation and backups
    • Cloud or Local controller
    • Layer 2 and layer 3 adoptions
    • Wlan Groups and SSIDs
    • UniFi HotSpot user authentication
  • Deployment
    • Site survey
    • Capacity Planning
    • Channel assingments
    • Minimum RSSI Feature
  • Network problems
    • Hidden nodes
    • Capacity bottlenecks
    • Weak signal issues